OPC UA servers

Add OPC UA server

With the OPC UA Servers navigation node selected, click on the “Add” button to add a new OPC UA server.


This will open a dialog to prompt for OPC UA server details.


OPC UA servers that can be discovered on the local OPC UA discovery server are automatically listed. Change the “Discovery Server” host name (1) and click on “Find” (2) to query a different discovery server on your network. Select the OPC UA server you wish to add in the list (3) and the endpoint of the OPC UA server (4), then click on “Add” to add the OPC UA server without trusting it (you can trust it later after reviewing the server certificate) or you can add and also trust it by clicking on “Add and Trust” (5).

You can also enter a URL for an OPC UA server directly, for example for OPC UA servers that are not registered with any discovery server.


Enter the URL of the OPC UA Server (1). The OPC UA connector supports binary protocols with or without username and password authentication and the URL must be in the form opc.tcp://<host name or ip address>:<port>. Press “Find” (2) to query available endpoints, select an endpoint (3) and finally click on “Add” or “Add and Trust” (4).


You can add the same OPC UA server more than once to either access it in different configurations or to manage OPC UA server topics separately.

Remove OPC UA server

If you no longer wish to use an OPC UA Server that you have previously added then select the OPC UA Server navigation node (1), the OPC UA Server you wish to remove (2) and click on the “Remove” button (3).



Note that all topics configured for the OPC UA server will be also be removed. This affects all tasks using these topics.

Reassign OPC UA server

Reassign the OPC UA Server to resolve the following issues:

  • The OPC UA server certificate has expired and it needs to be renewed.
    In this case select the same endpoint for re-assignment. The OPC UA Connector will retrieve the new certificate from the endpoint.
  • You want to change the host of the OPC UA server.
    Select a different host and endpoint to retrieve data from the OPC UA server running on the new host.

Select an OPC UA Server in the content panel and use the “Reassign” button in the toolbar to reassign the OPC UA Server. Reassignment takes effect when the next session with the OPC UA server is established. Re-start tasks for immediate effect.