OPC DA Server

Receive Cloud data

OPC Office Link 4.5 or later optionally installs the Rensen OPC DA server for UA Office Link Cloud as part of its Cloud features. Like other OPC servers, the OPC server is automatically listed in the application window, distinguished by showing a cloud icon instead of the blue diamond used elsewhere. Use this OPC server to monitor remote sites by having sites send data into the cloud with OPC Office Link and by having the monitoring site retrieve data from the cloud via Rensen OPC DA server for UA Office Link Cloud. All OPC DA items are read-only.


Browse Cloud Tags

As with other OPC servers, you can expand the ‘Address space’ node to explore available tags. In this case, only tags that are being sent into the cloud elsewhere (by sampling a data group with Cloud target) will be shown in the address space. If you cannot see any tags then ensure that data is sent into the cloud and that your subscription e-mail address has been added by the data sender as an authorized user. Close and re-open the address space or select View/Refresh from the menu to try again.

Use Cloud Data

You can use cloud tags just like tags originating from other OPC servers, that is, you can sample cloud data into databases or link live data into spreadsheets. A benefit of creating spreadsheet links referencing cloud data is that you can view live data from any computer connected to the Internet with OPC Office Link installed, provided that data is live in the cloud and provided that access has been granted.


See the help documentation included with OPC Office Link for further information. Learn more about OPC Office Link here.