UA Office Link has a modular architecture. The Core application consists of:

  • UA Office Link application

    The Windows application hosting app plugins

  • UA Office Link Service

    The back end service responsible for running tasks and coordinating data flow

Each connector consists of

  • App Plugin

    The user interface for connector configuration that is loaded into the UA Office Link application

  • Connector Service

    The backend service that communicates with data sources and data sinks and listens to commands sent by the UA Office Link Service

These software modules are intially installed in a bundle but they can also be installed or updated separately. Installer download links are provided within the UA Office Link application.

Installed Modules

Goto the “Configuration / Modules” node in the navigation panel to view installed modules. The module list shows the name of the installed module, category, version and description.


Online Modules

Goto the “Online” tab to view a list of modules available online (Internet connection required). The module list shows the name of the available module, category, version, description and a download link.


Download links are also provided for already installed modules and bundles in case you would like to take an installer to a different computer. The displayed link text is either:

  • “Redownload”

    for already installed modules

  • “Download Installer”

    for modules not yet installed and for bundles

To update a locally installed module, click on the corresponding download link, then run the downloaded installer.

Pre-release Modules

To also view modules that are not yet released, tick the “Include pre-release versions” check box above the online modules list. Pre-release version numbers carry a “beta” suffix.