Getting started

UA Office Link is a suite of software modules connecting real-time data acquired on-premise to Microsoft Excel Desktop, Excel Online, Excel on iPad/iPhone, ODBC databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access and others) and the Cloud.

What is available today

UA Office Link is under active development. Check back regularly to see what’s new! The following features are available today.

  • UA Office Link Cloud service
    A hub for real-time data in the cloud available as a subscription service. Learn more about the UA Office Link Cloud Service.
  • UA Office Link Cloud API
    A Javascript programming library providing Web Developers with easy access to real-time data in the cloud. Learn more about the UA Office Link Cloud API.
  • UA Office Link Cloud Tag Explorer
    Find available real-time tags easily for integration into your Web application using the UA Office Link Cloud API. Visit the tag explorer at and sign up for a free account. Note that either you or a colleague need(s) a UA Office Link subscription to place some real-time data into the cloud for you.
  • UA Office Link Cloud Target for OPC Office Link Classic
    Send data acquired by OPC Office Link Classic into the cloud originating from any OPC Data Access Server. The cloud target connector is integrated into OPC Office Link Classic as an optional feature. Learn more about OPC Office Link Classic.
  • OPC DA Server for UA Office Link Cloud
    Receive data from the cloud through our OPC DA Server for UA Office Link Cloud that is optionally installed with the latest OPC Office Link Classic version 4.5 or later. Learn more about OPC Office Link Classic.


UA Office Link Cloud subscriptions are currently available on request and free of charge for a limited time. There is no obligation to continue the subscription and the subscription will not automatically turn into a paid one. At later date, we will introduce on-premise solutions with perpetual licensing as well as hybrid solutions running on-premise or in the cloud, delivered as a subscription service. Please contact