Cloud API

What is this API?

The UA Office Link Cloud API is a Javascript library that enables developers to create Web applications receiving real-time data collected on-premise, from anywhere in the world.

A functional Web application requires at least one active UA Office Link subscription, installation of an UA Office Link on-premise application relaying on-site data into the cloud and functional Web pages referencing the UA Office Link Cloud API to retrieve that data. The API is available at:

<script src=""></script>


The UA Office Link on-premise application is not generally available yet. Please contact for early access and trial subscriptions.

Terminology: Sites, Channels, Topics and Tags

Cloud data is organized by sites, channels, topics and tags. Sites are on-premise UA Office Link data source applications that send data into the cloud. Each site may send data through separate connections called channels and each channel may contain one or more topic(s). Topics contain tags and tags represent live data. Each site may grant individual users access rights to real-time data for all channels or for specific channels only. The channels an authenticated user has been granted access to will be available for data retrieval. In most cases you will start off with one site and one channel and this may be all that is required.

Users and subscriptions

Users sending real-time data into the cloud must have a valid UA Office Link subscription. Users receiving data from the cloud through this API do not need a subscription but require a free UA Office Link cloud account; visit to sign up for a free account.